Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bad Influence - Isabelle

Everybody keeps refering my work to Tim Burton. Pretty obvious, but actually unaccurate. It's just that everybody knows Burton and not the others.
I love Tim Burton, he's a genius. But as much as I love him, he was not my primary influence. Far from it.
I discovered Nightmare before Christmas two or three years after the movie release and... I really didn't like it (I know, I know). It took me another year to re-watch it and love it. By that time, I was already drawing creepy things. He just gave me the impulse to keep going in that direction. That genius made the whole world look at that style and accept it. Plus his ideas are deliciously original and twisted.

Still, he didn't invent it. So, who's to blame for my creepy Museum Horribilium?
Let's give credit back where credit is due in a series of fanarts titled "Bad Influence".

This is a fanart of the French comic book titled "Isabelle", beautifully illustrated by Will.
This is something I grew up reading that was a big influence on me.
On the left is Uncle Hermes, a very powerful sorcerer who lives in a house full of little weird monsters, spirits in bottles... The beautiful lady with the green hair is his fiancée, the nice and beautiful Calendula, great-grand-daughter of the evil and ugly witch Kalendula, Hermes' arch-nemesis. The little girl is Isabelle, Hermes great-grand-niece. Isabelle was the main character.
Together they lived fantastic adventures, battling witches, sea monsters, evil weirdos...
This was for children, so it wasn't scary, but I loved the weirdness atmosphere of it and the cool looks of the characters. (I made them creepier than they were)
Ah... So many memories...
Biography on wikipedia

Next will be...
The Addams Family, Captain Herlock and a lot more!


Barbara Canepa said...

ça te tente de partir encore une fois ensemble pour le japon? ^__^

Angilram said...

Oui mais hélas, j'ai déjà un voyage au Japon de prévu et je ne peux pas annuler, j'ai déjà pris des RDV... Une autre fois!! :D