Monday, July 27, 2009


How could I resist mugs?
So here they are, the creepy mugs of the Museum Horribilium.
There are two models available, black mugs, details on the website.
The first is Zaza Von Gloom, the mistress of the Museum Horribilium and (tragic) heroin of the upcoming book titled "the Seventh Bride".
The second introduces the Gloomies... These little creatures roam the halls of the Museum Horribilium and serve their mistress Zaza Von Gloom. Mischieves guaranteed!

For now, these are sold on DeviantArt. I will probably do direct sales for other models, but not just yet. Here's the link : Museum Horribilium mugs

If you order a mug and there is a problem with it, contact DeviantArt printservice, as they are the only ones who can resolve it. But as I'll want to know, send me a note!

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