Friday, July 31, 2009

The Seventh Bride

... is the title of the tale you will soon discover. So it's time I start talking about it!

This first book, is the tale of... Blue Beard! But totally revisited. Of course, it will feature Zaza Von Gloom, Lily Spider and my beloved Gloomies, among others. Lots of others. Scary others, silly others, gloomy others... not to forget the cat!
I'll start posting things here and there, but you won't discover the story before the book's done.

What else is in store? A brand new real website dedicated to my different stories, and of course, one for the Museum Horribilium. The website will be in English, and maybe at the same time or later, it will also be in French and Japanese.

See you soon!

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Smarty said...

Well, that sounds interesting.
I am looking forward to seeing that. :)

Hope you are well.